Briksets™ LEGO® API

Quick start: LEGO API calls by example

LEGO set name in American English (en-US):

Current Briksets list price for a LEGO set in euro’s (EUR):

Briksets deeplink or permalink for a LEGO set (no API call or HTTP Secure required):

Ages as printed on the LEGO set box in UTF-8:

European article number (EAN) of a LEGO set:

LEGO set name in Dutch (nl-NL):

Number of pieces, parts, or bricks in a LEGO set:

Recommended retail price (RRP) of a LEGO set for the Netherlands in euro’s (EUR):

Release year of a LEGO set in the Netherlands:

Related LEGO sets (experimental)

The experimental get=related URL parameter will return up to five related LEGO products. The server response consists of LEGO set numbers, separated by a semicolon. For example:

may return a string consisting of five set numbers related to set 5608 like:



2012-10-02 version 0.3

The experimental get=related directive is now publicly accessible, without a private API key. This LEGO database feature was initially intended for partners of our LEGO drop shipping program. Similar additions to the LEGO API will allow for cross-selling and upselling of LEGO toys.

2010-11-06 version 0.2

We added the get=rrp directive for the LEGO Group recommended retail price (RRP) in the Netherlands. In most cases, the recommended retail prices set by LEGO Benelux for the Netherlands and Belgium are the same.

2010-11-05 version 0.1

This initial release supported over six HTTP requests for core product data like the LEGO set name in English, the European article number (EAN), and our current list price. Special thanks to Steffan Hoeke (@Steffan_H).